Carcavelos – A 15-year blend from Portugal

Carcavelos – A 15-year blend from Portugal

Carcavelos: Portugal’s Other Fortified Wine We Should All Be Drinking as featured in Forbes.

Portugal’s worldreknowned fortigifed wine industry is a leader in the market. But despite travellers visiting Porto for Port wine, Lisbon has a historical connection to another fortified wine we should all be drinking – Carcavelos.

To expand on the feature for Forbes, here are two ways to enjoy Portugal’s wine route when in Lisbon.

As told by: Alexandre, the head manager of the Vineyards and Wine Project for Carcavelos Wine Villa Oeiras to Michelle Tchea

What is the best way to serve and enjoy your drink?

As you know, the wines with high level of sugar and alcohol must be served slightly fresh (+-10º). We can serve this wine as an aperitif or for an entrance (for the younger blends) but, generally is used as a dessert wine.

For the oldest blends i like to drink it as a digestive, with the coffee or a cigar after the meal!

What is the best food pairing? 

The pairing that I prefer is with foie gras, some dense cheese or roasted almonds and nuts with butter, salt and pepper! For dessert goes quite well with chocolate cake, nut cake, creme burlé and some portuguese desserts made with eggs.

villa oeiras carcavelos
Image of Carcavelos. CREDIT Villa Oeiras

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